Meet Dr. Bard, the Derma Diva: A Mother/Daughter Tale

Last time I went to see Dr. Susan Bard, I asked her if she’d introduced her magical cosmetic techniques to her mom. Dr. Bard is in her early thirties, so I imagine her mom must be a baby boomer, just like many of my friends and myself.

She smiled, admitting that her mom, like other women I know, was reluctant to “get involved with that stuff.” Dr. Bard’s mom has lovely skin and has always been prone to a certain minimalism.  While she was always beautiful in her daughter’s eyes, Bard wanted to help her look even better. Knowing better than to play the vanity card with her mom, she tried another approach.

“Mom,” she implored, “You have to help me. I need to practice everything that I’ve learned.” The diminutive, vivacious dermatologist laughed as she told me the story. “I knew she wouldn’t do it for herself. So I was saying come on, mom, take one for the team.”

It worked. Mom consented to a little Botox to soften wrinkles around the eyes and a little filler to heighten her cheekbones.

I smile at the story but can’t leave without a final question. “Did you really need to practice on your mom?”

“Of course not. But I love this stuff and really wanted her to benefit from all that it does.”

And that’s how Dr. Bard became my “Derma Diva,” a practitioner with a growing following for her magical arts.